Born from Shalhoob Meat Company's 44 years of experience, Santa Barbara Style Catering offers three generations of innovation in the culinary industry.

With the perfect combination of style, creativity, energy and attention to detail we have the ability to execute anything your heart desires.  From delicious appetizers to sophisticated entrees, we create menus that reflect your unique taste and personality.

Through our 44 years of wholesale meat business we have built strong relationships with some of the best Farms, Fisherman, Chefs and Wineries in our region.  We use all of these relationships to deliver you an unmatched level of quality at an unmatched price in every one of our options...we also have in house butchers that will create the best cuts of meat for your menu!

Santa Barbara Style Catering upholds the Shalhoob pledge to provide the finest quality products and deliver the very best service.